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Great post! Got me intrigued already!
It’s cool to see that you’re not just researching a person, but learning about researching as well. Mr. J would be proud!
I would qualify one thing – his passion is not necessarily “classical” music, because the stuff he wrote was often the popular music of his time, especially when art was so censured under the Soviet Regime. Which leads to another interesting point – if pop music reflects mainstream society, then how does Shosty’s work inform us about Russian society of that time?
P.S. – I think you should look into your shared similarity of having two sisters – it’s probably the reason why he’s a cool dude.

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Thanks for the comment! Although the intrigue of this character is the main reason I selected him as my Eminent Person, I do also enjoy his music very much. I’m currently listening to his 15 symphonies, which have been called “a message to mankind”. He had a very eclectic and modern compositional style, which I am not used to hearing at all. I do believe that his story will help possibly provide me with some insight as to what it’s like to be a professional musician. Also, as mentioned in the post, my study is nearly turning into a historical study, and I hope to learn tips from interviewees and experts from the field on how to make interpretive decisions based on the information I have.


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Hey Lucas!
The courageous and challenging choice of your Eminent person is an interesting twist on the project. Instead of deciding on an Eminent with confirmed documents, you have the freedom to interpret his character, which could be completely against what is recorded. By choosing a controversial character under a suppressive communist government, you demonstrate an open- mind to the project in choosing not just a universally agreed eminent person, but rather willing to challenge controversies and argue for the fact that your eminent person had a positive impact. I was just wondering if this is the only reason as to why you chose Dmitri Shostakovich. Do you believe that interpreting such a difficult has a personal benefit on your musician path? Or is the excitement and challenge of studying Shostakovich the sole reason for choosing your project?

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Hey Deon! This is a really well written post. It is completely able to convey your passion for Mr. van Gogh, and I’m super excited to see what’s going to come out of your project (I think my dad is too :P).
A few questions:
1. van Gogh does not seem like the most positive of characters. What, if any, were parts of his life that he cherished?
2. What was his view on painting, i.e. what release did it give him from his actual life, and how important did he think it was?