Comment on The Great Identity Theft by G. Thielmann

Wow, great folks. I like the way you’ve framed your work and the powerful questions that obviously underlie your inquiry. This is “action research” and “embodied knowing” at its finest — quite raw, controversial and arguable at times, and exactly what we hope for in students questioning what they are learning. I like the use of media, metaphors, primary sources (would have liked more of these), and the back and forth between storytelling and dialogue about the issues. One of my students shared a powerful link with me — look up “We Were Children” on the APTN website. For future work, you might want to reference the historical thinking project (can be found on Thanks again for sharing this moving “construction” (do you have a name for this kind of project work?). I will share this with my students up in Prince George. This year, at least 7 of them have shared about their own relatives’ experiences at residential school (for 2, it was parents), mostly at Lejac.

Comment on Skipping School, Yay or Nay? – Max by Juliet

I skip school nearly once a week – the last two classes on a Tuesday. My parents are not down with skipping, and I got caught last year, but I couldn’t help repeating. I miss PE every week, essentially, so that I can watch tv for an hour before going an extra class after school, in a different school, as an extra subject. I sign out, so my school doesn’t realise, so I don’t think it’s that bad.
Nearly my entire year leaves early on a Tuesday, because they’re only missing PE.

Comment on This week by Andrea

Thank you for this. It was a nice reminder and it also made me look back through old files and find a list very similar to this that a group of Talons made almost three years ago. “Humanity is good. Some people are terrible and broken, but humanity is good. I believe that.” – Hank Green.