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Hello Emma! Reading through your post, I was struck by how honest your choice of Eminent was. I understand what you mean by pre-conceived notions, they seem to exist everywhere in our society. I applaud your choice of eminent though, she’s a very lovely dancer, and I’m excited to see what you’ll do with her! Especially with your different POV for the speech. Gosh, I’m actually not sure what questions to ask! You’ve seemed to hit the nail on the head with all the basics! ouo
One tip for later though, if you do double spacing and split the images up between the post it’s a lot less of a wall of text. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ♪ (My blog is kinda an example at that, I make sure my posts always look pretty, possibly to compensate haha.)
Best of luck!
– Sam

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Hey Waleed!
Beethoven is the perfect pick for you. He’s so musically talented, as are you. I see that you’ve recognized this connection as well.

What is it about him that inspires you? His life in general, or the fact that he kept playing and producing compositions even after he lost his hearing?

Beethoven has definitely made a mark on this world, considering how many people remember him today. How is he special to you and how has he contributed to your life as a pianist? What kind of message or encouragement do you get from his story?

Eminent is a super great project in which you really do develop a personal connection with the person you’re studying.

I hope that your efforts further the connection that you feel towards him right now!

Best of luck.


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Hi Crystal,
Your eminent person seems really interesting, I actually love the sound of it. I have to say, pictures would make this post hugely better for me just because I (and probably other people) are interested in what she might look like, and enjoy eye-catching posts best. How does Eleanor of Aquitaine relate to you a bit more? I’m also curious, what did Eleanor accomplish, and what was her persona like?

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Hey James,

Cool blog post! I had no idea that Frozone and Nick Fury were the same person! He seems to have a very interesting life story and is someone you really admire.

A few things that you may want to work on in the blog post itself: Pictures! Pictures make everything better. It makes the wall of text easier to read, and lightens it up a little bit.

Finally, a question: Why specifically do you connect with your person? It is an important aspect of the entire project, and frankly, I’m curious.

Thanks and Good Job,

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I AM SO HAPPY THAT THERE ARE PICTURES IN THIS POST!!! Keep in mind that the pictures do not have to be at the end and that you can format them into your actual post. I like how you just came out and said how you were struggling to choose your EP rather than trying to hide it.

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Really good post, very descriptive. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE insert a picture of him or something into your post, if you don’t know how I can help. It hasn’t been discussed in class this year yet but it’s pretty much TALONS law to have pictures (at least one) IN ALL OF YOUR POSTS. Some people won’t read your posts if you dont have a picture!


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LAST YEAR MY EP WAS LAILA ALI, Muhammad’s daughter. I actually wanted to make him my EP but he’s a dude and thus I discovered Laila. Due to their close connections I also learned a fair bit about boxing, their family history as well as Muhammad himself. What I’m saying is that if you need any help or extra info, I’d be more than happy!