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Dear Crystal,

before I start this off, I want to say that I really enjoyed the photo you made of Columbus. It was very meaningful and well done, and it was especially cunning of you to incorporate your in-depth skill into it, creating connections between projects.

I enjoyed how your post was very brief,but insightful, mentioning all the things you want to learn from this unit. Did you think that if Columbus did not show up the the Arawak’s field, that the field would turn black and white from another explorer?

But besides that, I really enjoyed reading your post!

Comment on Document of Learning by Yilin

Hey Sara!

I really liked your idea of turning your idea into a mini story. I laughed at the “translated from … to …” part, that was a unique bit to add ^^
I have a couple questions though, like “how would the Indians be more preserved if the land bridge didn’t disappear?” Wouldn’t more people try to invade their land and wipe out the Indians?

All the best ^^

Comment on Document of learning by Elle

Hola amiga,

It only took me a matter of seconds to figure out what the image was representing (or at least to make up my own idea) which is a good thing because if you weren’t given the opportunity to explain it, it wouldn’t make much a difference on people’s thoughts, or so I think.

“The sun in the picture symbolizes that even though the sun was shining, as long as Columbus and his men were in the community, the sun would shine on the dark side.” I love that. It’s so, like, deep.

I also like how you used your In-Depth study to do this part of the assignment!

You managed to clarify your point in a brief manner (clarity, brevity, force!) which was very effective, especially for the simple-minded like me.


Comment on Socials Document of Learning #1 by macc11avery

Hi Alison,

That’s quite an interesting question that you have chosen. What I found especially interesting was when you talked about how it is in human nature to rule. Do you think that ruling is planted in human nature, or that people use rule and violence because they are easy, and humans love the easy way out? Best of luck with your project.


Comment on In-Depth Feb. 7th 2014 by QMtK

Thanks for sharing the sound-cloud so we can hear your progress throughout the project. Have you spoken to Jackson yet who is doing film editing for his project? You may be able to collaborate with him. You are getting to know your mentor well.

Comment on In-Depth Post Number 2 by QMtK

Glad to hear you found a mentor. Please see my post to help you gain more insight into your mentor. Try and find someone you can meet face to face with too. I am sure our English department may have some suggestions too!