Comment on Jean Sylvain Bailly: Je ne tremble pas by Jamie Fajber

Aaaaand your final address:

1) Your writing of the speech was very clear – you were organized to the point where it was very easy to follow you as you spoke.
2) Dramatic engagement = A+!

WISHES: (Again, CRAZY good!)
1) If I had one wish, it would be that you wouldn’t say “like.” I was perking my ears up to listen, and you only said it a few times.
^I know I’m nitpicking, but the presentation was good enough I didn’t have many wishes.

Good? Let me know if you need more.

Comment on Jean Sylvain Bailly: Je ne tremble pas by Jamie Fajber

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

1) Dry humor – adds flavor to the writing as well as helps me engage with your character.
2) Well researched text – common references to various dates, locations, events and people add a tone of expertise to the passages.
3) The French! The fact that you took the time to often use a little more of the french language really helped with the feeling of living in France!

WISHES: (Remember, these posts are BADASS in their goodness.)
1) Possibly a little more discussion of the major events in the Revolution? This is to say, you speak about your character, but sometimes I feel the big picture has been a little underrepresented.

You have a gift, yo!

Comment on In Depth Post #7: Planning my learning center by Mulder

This is thoroughly planned and well laid out. Your supporting details are relevant and helpful. You have thought of everything and every committee should be clear on what they can do to assist you. Just one question. I love the idea of your stop motion. That is very time-consuming for sure. Are you thinking about projecting it on the big screen and be part of the staqe presentations as well?
Thanks, Aidan.