Comment on The Story Behind the Face by Alison

Hey Emma
I loved your first post! You really got me interested in your eminent person and you provided a lot of great details without sacrificing the bigger picture. I really got a good idea of why you picked Frida Kahlo and what you hope to get out of the project. Maybe one small area of improvement could be a bit more explanation on similarities and differences such as class, religious beliefs, etc.
Other than that, I look forward to reading your next post!

Comment on Eminent Introductory Post: Orson Scott Card by nicole

(I’m really bad at writing feedback, so just a heads up xD)
This was very informative and you put in a lot of detail. It is a good amount for introducing who your eminent person is. You didn’t introduce him with only “basic information” (like not just his birthday, etc) you introduced him in a deeper format, (like his beliefs and explaining about his books) which was very well written.
You could improve by having more of a balanced/equal amount of information on your eminent person and about yourself and your goals. However, it isn’t that much of a big difference to equal it out. But good job!

Comment on TANK MAN. by nicole

(My feedback skills are really bad, just a heads up xD)
This was a really good informational piece, and the video was a very nice touch to the post. You got straight to the point and summed up the main points about “Tank Man” really well.
You could’ve added just a bit more about yourself, your goals, and what not, just to balance everything out completely, although you did a pretty good job with that already. Good job!

Comment on William Shakespeare- an eminent person’s introduction by nicole

(I’m really bad at giving feedback, just a heads up! xD)
In your post, you did a really great job with having a good mixed balance of your personal interests and explaining about William Shakespeare himself. After reading this post, I can really tell that you are William are similar, in terms of writing, because this post was very detailed, descriptive, and outstanding vocabulary! Good job!
Something to look out for would be maybe to add a bit more information about William himself, even if you already touched base with that, you could add some more of his accomplishments, or a bit more about his life. Otherwise, this was still great!

Comment on Eminent Introductory Post by bryanjack

Hi Christal,
Great opening blog post – Welcome to your TALONS blog! You’ve done an excellent job setting up your theme and publishing a thorough Eminent Introduction.

Reading about your choice of Michael Phelps made me wonder who the most decorated female swimmer is in Olympic history, and why it is more difficult to remember her name. Do you think there are advantages Mr. Phelps has had that allow him to become so much more recognizable? And if so, where do you think these advantages come from?

Thanks for considering these extension questions, and best of luck on your continued study!

Mr. J

Comment on Laverne Cox by oliver

Karolina I really like your blog and the choice of person. I like that you talked about how you two were connected but I would like a little bit more about what your person is like.

p.s I can’t get the pictures to work how do you do it?