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I found your poem quite interesting. It has a very deep connection with your question and the way the world is. Every light is in a circuit but we are all influenced by the light before us, never truly doing what we believe is right and bowing to the expectations of society. I really like how you’ve displayed this.

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Hey Eric,

Your comparison is very intriguing because most people will be able to relate to it because most people have read, seen or heard about “The Hunger Games”. I like how you went in-depth into each the past, present, and future on how our society will develop.


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Hey Yilin.
Thanks for the comment. As replying to your question about the Indians being wiped out still, I believe that is a possibility, but even more so, i think that the Indians and rest of the world would have had a stronger relationship from over the thousands of years.

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I loved your story. It was really effective as a parallel universe and was actually very well written. Your ‘predictions’ of racism or the death of natives were very cool and the Sochi Columbia was a very nice touch. All that said, I thought your explanation was a little bit light and could use some more work.

Good work!

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Hey Lyle!

Interesting idea, it’s very different from the other questions I read. I was a bit confused in your explanation though, did the bible physically state or indicate that genocide was okay and homosexuality was not? Also, how did the olden days use the bible as their law? Was Columbus under the protection of the bible as well?
Great post, it was interesting to read.

All the best,

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Dear Crystal,

before I start this off, I want to say that I really enjoyed the photo you made of Columbus. It was very meaningful and well done, and it was especially cunning of you to incorporate your in-depth skill into it, creating connections between projects.

I enjoyed how your post was very brief,but insightful, mentioning all the things you want to learn from this unit. Did you think that if Columbus did not show up the the Arawak’s field, that the field would turn black and white from another explorer?

But besides that, I really enjoyed reading your post!

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Hey Sara!

I really liked your idea of turning your idea into a mini story. I laughed at the “translated from … to …” part, that was a unique bit to add ^^
I have a couple questions though, like “how would the Indians be more preserved if the land bridge didn’t disappear?” Wouldn’t more people try to invade their land and wipe out the Indians?

All the best ^^