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Thank you for the honest update of your ZIP project. I admire the fact that you are aware of the need to tighten up your inquiry question and are taking the steps to make it more manageable. How might you schedule time for ZIP in the future, and what specific steps will you take to help get yourself back on track?

Inquiry is filled with ups and downs; I know you will adapt and persevere!

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It is really exciting to see you gravitate towards a subject that covers the English curriculum, and that you have a personal stake in! I can’t think of a better way to show your learning than being able to relate it to documents of your own growth — superb!

I look forward to hearing more about your findings. Keep up the spirit of inquiry!

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I am excited to see that you have thoroughly connected your inquiry to the new curriculum, and also provided a very clear explanation for how your assignment as a whole will demonstrate your learning in these areas.

I look forward to see more updates about ZIP this week. Keep up the intriguing inquiry!

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A fascinating discussion of how latin and greek prefixes and suffixes carry over into modern day medicine. How might you open the scope of your inquiry question by allowing yourself to look at different text types outside the medical field? For example: How might greek and latin be used to infer meaning and gain additional contexts in modern English words? Remember to read over your blog post closely to catch any written errors — aim for clarity! Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing further developments in your inquiry — keep up the diligent work!

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A very ambitious read, but I know that you will be all the better for it! I am glad to see that you are consulting other sources and annotations in your pursuit of unscrambling meaning in Joyce’s text. Keep up the close reading and analysis — I am looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the novel!

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I am really glad that you got so much out of your exploration of McCloud’s text. If you are looking for more, consider taking a glance at his newer publication called Reinventing Comics. I remember the first time that I read Understanding Comics; it completely opened my mind to the power of the medium. Comics have traditionally been given a bad rep as being lowbrow, so it is amazing to see you embracing them as legitimate forms of literature — well done!

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An extremely thorough and well presented Document of Learning. I really admire your ability to be meta-cognitive about your learning, and to ensuring that your question is just the right size for the time allotted.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with Les Mis! It is one of my favourite plays!

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Remember that there should be no pressure to answer your inquiry question in full. Hopefully, answering it to the best of your ability, and demonstrating your learning to your peers, will help create more questions and propel you further on your own.

With that said, I am really looking forward to seeing how you choose to condense such an iconic film down to 30 minutes. Condensing a story takes skill and an ability to really understand the most significant parts of a narrative.

Excellent work so far, you are really embodying the spirit of inquiry!