Comment on Independent Investigation #2 by mrmorris

A well researched and concisely written demonstration of your learning. I tend to agree that without the aid of Tecumseh, the border of Canada may not be what they are today. His is a powerful legacy that tends to be overlooked. Thank you for making deep connections to your previous study of the Seven Years War, it is wonderful to see you drawing clear lines and comparisons between the two. Keep up the deep inquiry and challenge yourself to dig deeper!

Comment on Independent investigations #2 by Shub

I did not find too much information on how Brock’s death was viewed in the different time periods, however based off my research I can infer that it was a lot more impactful back in the 1800’s than the current day. I believe this to be case because the 1800’s were when everybody knew who Brock was, and he was actually out there, leading troops against larger, American armies. Nowadays, although there are many locations named after him, not everybody knows him. He isn’t as popular as he was before, which is why I feel like his death was more impactful to those that lived in his time.

Thanks for the feedback!

Comment on Independant Investigation #2 by mrmorris

A very intriguing and in-depth discussion of how the War of 1812 directly and indirectly helped to shape and solidify America’s political climate — you show a deep ability to consider cause and consequence, as well as continuity and change over time! Having never lived in America, much of the connections you make are quite new to me, so it is safe to say that I learned a lot. Keep pushing yourself to share interests from your own unique background, we are all better for it. Just as a reminder, remember to read closely over your writing for minor typographical errors throughout. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Comment on Independent investigations #2 by mrmorris

Great work considering multiple perspectives throughout this final independent investigation. I agree that the longterm consequences of Brock’s death were felt very differently by both the Americans and British at the time. During your research did you find any information on how Brock’s death was viewed at the time, as opposed to how it is viewed now? You might want to consider this when looking closely at continuity and change. I am very intrigued by this idea of Tecumseh surviving if Brock had not be killed — what evidence might you use to further strengthen this argument? Overall solid work!

Comment on Independent Investigation #2: To what extent did Tecumseh’s heroic role in the War of 1812 impact the future of the indigenous people of Canada? by mrmorris

Mia, an excellent final independent investigation of the year! Thank you so much for taking a critical, yet respectful, stance on the treatment of Tecumseh and indigenous peoples in Canada. I agree that Tecumseh’s efforts are not easily judged in terms of simple positive and negative benefits, but you make some compelling arguments for both perspectives. Overall this work shows a deep ability to consider historical perspectives, make ethical judgements, and explore the causes and consequences of Tecumseh’s desire for an indigenous confederacy. Well done!

Comment on Independent Investigation #2 by mrmorris

An engaging discussion of how the Battle of Crysler’s farm helped to unify early Canadians and contribute to our national identity. Your narrative is well researched and lays out the most important events quite clearly! Be very careful with your grammar here. In particular, look out for comma splices throughout. Remember that commas are used to join independent and dependent clauses and should not be used to join two independent ones. Keep up the great work.

Comment on War of 1812 Inquiry by mrmorris

I really appreciate the effort you put into researching and looking deeply here at the important role of indigenous peoples during the War of 1812. I think you are quite right to say that without the First Nations peoples, the outcome and boundaries of what is now Canada may be entirely different today. What do you think we can do to better acknowledge indigenous voices in our history without simply talking about their contributions as simply actions of the past? Thank you for your hard work.

Comment on To what extent did the Burning of Washington change the outcome of the War on 1812? Independent Investigation #2 by mrmorris

This is a great synopsis of the causes and most significant events involved with the burning of the white house. I wonder how you might delve further into answering your own question. What I mean is, what effect did the burning of the Whitehouse have on the War of 1812 as a whole? Would the outcome of the war have been the same without this event? You briefly mention that a truce was agreed to after the burning, but how did point A lead to point B?

Comment on TALON Talk 2018: Apoptosis and a Cure to Cancer by rzawadzki

Great TED talk Dylan! Really good topic choice and you had me very interested. I liked how thorough explained Apoptosis and explained how cells become cancerous. Your voice was clear and spoken at a good pace. It was also very interesting when you explained how Chemotherapy works and why it isn’t a great solution to cancer. Additionally, I liked how you effectively explained that if we are able to fully control Apoptosis, we would be able to cure cancer much more easily. My question would be if we were able to fully control Apoptosis, how would we accomplish that? I know it’s a large question but regarding your knowledge on the topic maybe you could come up with somewhat of an answer?