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I admire your willingness to be open and honest with your struggles so far! Remember that the library is always a place you can go to read independently during ZIP. How might you further focus your inquiry question to hone in on one aspect of your research? It might be that you have two big questions that are dividing your attention. Feel free to come see me anytime this week to brainstorm some ideas.

The spirit of inquiry is filled with ups and downs — I know you will persevere!

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An inspired way to demonstrate your learning. I am looking forward to seeing what your experiences are with free writing vs. writing directly to Freytag’s pyramid. Remember that most stories have been inspired or modelled by their predecessors, so don’t feel too worried about lifting plot ideas and amending them for your own use. As long as you honour the original story, and make it your own, there is no problem in mining for inspiration. All the greats have done it — even Shakespeare!

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I agree that have mentor texts (viewing works that are similar to the one you want to create) is an excellent and effective use of your time. Aim to emulate the best parts of short films that you watch, and closely notate what works and what doesn’t. I am glad that you have been able to connect your own passion for film and your identity with the English curriculum. Solid work so far!

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I admire your ability to reflect on your past experiences and be prudent about your plans for the future. It looks like your inquiry project is shaping up quite well. I agree that writing notes by hand sometimes allows us to be more efficient with our time. It also adds a tactile experience that aids in our ability to retain information — bravo!

Keep up the spirit of inquiry!

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