Comment on TALON Talk 2018: Apoptosis and a Cure to Cancer by mbettauer

Hi Dylan!

Your TED Talk was filled with very well explained scientific knowledge on apoptosis and cancer cells.
The use of your slides, visuals, and text made it very easy to follow along. A suggestion for the future is to be a bit more laconic; you obviously did a lot of research, but the time limit of the project was an obstacle. Despite that, though, your video was so well explained that i didn’t mind watching the entire video. Great job!

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Comment on Science 9 Final: Ted Talk by mbettauer

Hi Mia!

I absolutely love your TED Talk! The use of visuals, whether it be gifs or your beautiful self-created whiteboard cycle, improves the understanding of the complicated and complex process. You effectively broke this high-tech subject down into very easy to understand knowledge. You’re hook/connection to film roles was also very helpful in understanding how this technology works. Great job!

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Comment on Social Studies Blog Post #5: Independent Inquiry by mbettauer

* I love how you used a video instead of a simple DOL. It’s very creative!
* The visuals and knowledge protrayed in your video is very outstanding, and I learned a lot by watching your video.

– My inquiry questions was ‘What was life like in New France under French rule compared to British rule after the Seven Years War?’. Without the fur trade, however, there would be no New France to compare. The beaver furs and the First Nations helped New France grow. Great job!

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Comment on Independent Investigation #1: Canada 1605 – 1763 by mbettauer

* I love how in-depth you went in your study, Mia! You put a lot of hard-work and effort into this inquiry project, and it’s easy to see.
* I love how clearly the questions are answered and all your sources are listed!

– In my inquiry (What was life like in New France under French rule compared to British rule after the Seven Years War) I briefly touched on the First Nations, such as the exchange of gifts, trade, and disrespect from the British. Excellent work!!!

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Comment on Individual Investigation #1 by mbettauer

* I love the use of images and quotes from other articles! It makes the inquiry feel very professional
* Your post is very organized and easy to read. I like how the questions are easy to find and how detailed they are explained!

– My inquiry question was about ‘Life in New France’, and your question was on the Filles du Roi and their lifestyle/impact. The connection is that your inquiry question goes into more detail on woman’s life’s (specifically the Filles du Roi), and mine goes into detail on the overall lifestyle of all New France citizens.

Great job Sarah!!!

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Comment on Canada: The Story of Us DOL by mbettauer

I really like how creative you got with your question, and how you explored Cause-and-Effect very efficiently. It was very enjoyable to read, and I got a new angle of learning on how history is effected by choice and events.

I wish there was a bit more on the ‘what would have changed’ aspect, but I understand that there wasn’t much that would have changed.

Thank you for posting this wonderful inquiry question!

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