Comment on If one of your senses is impaired, do the others improve? My Ted Talk. by Liam Northcott

Fantastic talk! Wow!

I was really interested to learn that other senses “grow” into the spaces taken by unused senses. I didn’t know the brain could do that!
I know that dogs have amazing smell, but their vision isn’t particularly good. Is this at all related?
Also, are other parts of the brain able to adapt in the same way (using space from unused areas)?

Amazing talk!

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Comment on Ted Talk 2017 by Liam Northcott

Good talk, Billie!

I was very surprised and interested to learn that native cultures had identified different gender identities. I also thought it was cool that you had a quote from someone you knew who was actually transgender, because it made the argument so much more genuine.
Now, before I get on to my questions… I do have a slight bit of criticism. In my opinion, I feel like a few slides could have helped mix things up a bit.
I have a few questions: About what percentage of people in the world have been identified as transgender? How do gender identity and physical traits influence the placement on the spectrum?


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Comment on Science TED Talk by Liam Northcott

Great talk!

I loved the script, which was very interesting and entertaining. However, the delivery of said script could be improved.
First, you could increase the volume. I could also tell that without a doubt, you were trying to read the script. But I think the topic and research was very intriguing. I have 3 questions:
1. What could the ability to survive in such harsh conditions allow us to do?
2. Are there any other features we could utilize besides “Tree-hellose”?
3. How do you spell that, anyway?

Please reply!

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Comment on Bread Chalk – concepts that have enough value to ration by Liam Northcott

Great talk, Owen!

I think it’s really interesting that a lot of people treat serious conditions like OCD as an explanation for common urges.
But I was wondering: do you know what causes these urges, compulsions, impulses, and other things in people without OCD? I mean, I’m pretty sure I don’t have OCD, but I still sometimes “HAVE to align that one table exactly”.

Thanks, Liam

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