Comment on TED Talk by khuang

Hey Val!

That was a great TED Talk video! I really enjoyed watching it because of the good use of visuals, text, and audio. This topic is really relevant to our modern day. The video has plenty of detailed content and I am impressed that you memorized all of it. Similar to Leah’s comment, the only constructive criticism I have would be to keep your feet planted. This gives a more bold and confident vibe.

Great job! Keep it up. :)


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Comment on TED Talk Final Science 9 Project by khuang

Hey Edward!

First of all, I loved that you chose to research this topic. Cellphone use these days has become a big issue and can be easily debated between people. This video is very informative of all the negative impacts it could have on people. I’m sure my parents would really like to use your TED Talk as evidence for our occasional arguments. I love this video style, the way you incorporated a lot of visuals and interactive components. Something I am curious about is the certain uses of our phone. What forms of cellphone use is the most harmful? I am asking this because many people just use their phones for calls, and others for social media. Overall, amazing job! Keep up the good work.


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Comment on Yunmin Lee Ted Talk by khuang

Hey Yunmin!

Wow, that was a really impressive TED Talk. It was informative and detailed without being too overbearing. I thought it was concise and bold, and contained valuable facts. Your voice was really clear and the overall sound quality was great. Similar to Yoonha, I enjoyed the use of the screen and PowerPoint. It included images that added to the presentation and little text that didn’t distract us. The only constructive criticism I have is to possibly change the angle of videoing, or make it closer to you and the screen. This way, the images and text can be more visible.

Amazing job, Yunmin! :)

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Comment on KEV Talks by khuang

Hola Kevin!
Amazing KEV Talk, it was really interesting and insightful. The visuals were very helpful and made it easier to follow along. You chose a super cool topic, and it reminds me of a lesson I took in middle school about Neanderthals, Homo Sapie…

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Comment on TED TALK!!!! by khuang

Hey Noah!
Wow, that was an amazing TED Talk video! The topic is very engaging and deep, and it looks like you put a lot of work into it. I really enjoyed the lighting and different angles of filming because it makes it look very professional. I’m curious to know your personal opinion. Do you believe a world where humans are immortal is smart for the future? Why or why not?

The only constructive criticism I have is that it seems like you have a script that you are constantly looking at, even though it’s understandable that you have one in front of you since most of your video is visually directed at you. Other than that, great work! I’m really impressed. :)

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Comment on Jacques Cartier Independent Investigation by khuang

Hey Jayden! I really liked how you talked about the historical significance in an almost story-like manner. I found it interesting to read and understand. I also like how you included lots of factual evidence in your writing. There is so much information that wouldn’t be typically discussed during class.

A connection I made between your inquiry and mine is that we both described the interactions between the Europeans and the indigenous peoples. You talked about specific communications between the Wendat Confederacy, Iroquois, and others, while I explained a general idea of the fur trade and beaver pelts. Great job!!


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Comment on ZIP DOL 1 by khuang

Star: Great job managing to work ahead of your schedule! Nice detailed description of your new plan.
Question: By “script” do you mean you plan to present your project with a speech? Why do you think this is the best way to showcase your learning?
Good luck on your project! :)

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