Comment on Dorothea Lange – More than A Documentary Photographer by Iris Hung

Hi Maeve,

Ms Dorothea is an acquaintance of mine as well, one who taught me a great deal of self integrity and humanity. It was her choices that caught my attention and her unflinching preservation of suffering; in the moment she saw the breadlines and jobless, she realized that the humans she needed to capture on film were not the portrait posers but the ones on the street. Her character too, is memorable – her independence, her determination, and her carrying of her childhood burdens (polio and her father).
I was able to interview her goddaughter for my project, and she was a warm, generous woman who told me things that biographers would never know, such as the fact one of her sons never forgave her for leaving him so often in his childhood. You can go to my talonsiris edublog for more info on how to contact her. My interview searching process was a long one, hopefully yours will be easier with a leg up!
Clearly you’ve got a connection with her that you’re eager to build – remember, eminent person is about more than facts. It’s about character and inspiration and originality, all things I’m sure you’ll learn from her!
Best wishes for a rewarding eminent experience!

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