Comment on Talons Ted Talk by akyeibadu

Hi Jackson,

Your video was a big wake-up call! When thinking about the lessons we’ve hadn’t in Science about climate change, an insect-based diet sounds like a great alternative to the methane producing animals we currently rely on for protein. It was very unbiased of you to list both the pros and the cons of this topic even though you’re arguing for it.

If insects are such a great alternative (as you made them out to be) then why are they not used more in North America? Could this be due to the negative image western culture has of bugs and consuming them? How might this be an impediment in future implementation?

Great work!

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Comment on TED Talk by akyeibadu

Hi Sarah,
I found your TED Talk very interesting, especially with my own interest in contact sports. I like how you found a way to connect your personal life to Science and find a solution for a problem that directly affects you. As far as rugby goes, …

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Comment on TED TALK!!!! by akyeibadu

Hi Noah,

Your TED Talk was great, and I really enjoyed the visuals and how in-depth you went into such an interesting and thought-provoking topic. With all the media and stories surrounding human immortality, for example in popular television shows such as Black Mirror, do you believe humans will take the risk of this new and revolutionary technology? How might the perception of immortality affect the rate at which it’s implemented in the future?

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Comment on Canada Independent Investigation – the Filles du Roi by akyeibadu

Hi Phia!

I looked at your investigation for inspiration when doing my own because we both chose to focus on the Filles du Roi. My first star for your investigation is that you chose images for your post that well represented the information you gave, like the one for the slave trade. It helped me better understand the context of your inquiry. My second star is your choice to consider the LGBTQ+ when investigating the Filles du Roi. It’s a very interesting perspective and really brings the comparison to the 21st century. In my own inquiry, I chose to talk about gender inequality for my “Continuity and Change” question. I think that both our posts make it apparent that the Filles du Roi can be compared to many modern day issues, and that what happened to them in the New World may not have been the best thing for the women themselves, but certainly helped pave the path for a flourishing country and populace.

Great investigation!
– Ashley

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Comment on Independent Investigation #1 by akyeibadu

Hi Caitlin,

My first star is that you were so detailed with the information on the different indigenous groups. So many sources skim over that information, so it was really cool to read about the groups, how they were influenced by Europeans, and how we as Canadians and North Americans have been impacted by them. My second star is the layout of your post. Everything is organized very well with pictures to accompany your information and a multitude of great sources for each section.

I mentioned this in class the other day, but I think the connection between the indigenous peoples of North America and the Filles du Roi is that they were both used by Europeans for their own personal gain. The weaponry, diseases, and other detrimental souvenirs that the Europeans brought with them to the New World are partly responsible for the injustice that indigenous groups face today and their current ways of life. The French wanted land and furs, and the First Nations gave it to them on empty promises. Indigenous peoples have been pushed aside and disregarded as Europeans have focused on their battles with one another rather than the effect they had on people that had been there long before they’d arrived. The Filles du Roi were used by France to populate its colony and provide it with enough numbers to overtake the British. The women may have chosen to go voluntarily, but did King Louis XIV really care about what would become of them in the harsh land that Canada once was? These two groups have faced many hardships because of Europe, but indigenous peoples are still living through them today.

Great inquiry,

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Comment on Independent Investigations – The Importance of Equilibrium by akyeibadu

Hey Yoonha!

My first star for your amazing inquiry is how organized and professional it is. I can tell by the language you use and the facts you give that you’re confident in your research and inquiry as a whole. I think that is very impressive and definitely makes your work a good and worthwhile read. My second star is your beaver diagram. It’s great that you took time out of writing your blog post to make a diagram that really emphasizes the info you’re giving about the beaver population and environmental change.

A connection between my investigation and yours is that both beavers and the Filles du Roi were wanted for something that wasn’t necessarily in their best interest. The pursuit of beavers and other fur-bearing animals led to dangerous decreases in their population. All this was done for the fur that Europeans used to make clothing and other valuable items. The Filles du Roi were wanted to increase the population of New France. In other words, they were needed for children. Numerous women died on the turbulent voyage it took to transport them to New France, and others due to childbirth or their unsuitableness for the rough Canadian environment. The women may have chosen to participate voluntarily, but tht=at doesn’t make the damage caused any less important.

Great inquiry,

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Comment on Independent Investigation Inquiry #1 – General James Wolfe by akyeibadu

Hi Grace,

My first star is that I really like that you went into detail about James Wolfe and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham before you went in depth with your research. I didn’t encounter James in any research of my own, so it’s nice to get some background knowledge of him. My second star is your visuals. I found that they accompanied your information well, and made your inquiry very aesthetically pleasing.

A connection between my topic and yours, while a little difficult to find, is still there. General James Wolfe was deemed the best person for the job of conquering New France through Quebec, just like the Filles du Roi were thought the best-suited women to travel to New France and increase the population. Both carried out their duties, and both succeeded. James Wolfe used effective battle strategies to get Quebec to surrender, and the Filles du Roi got married and popped out as many children as they could to perform their duty for their country.

Great inquiry!

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