Comment on Historical Thinking Review by mrmorris


You might consider reviewing Buzzfeed Unsolved as a primary source / accurate source of information. Pseudoscientific discussion about the Bermuda Triangle might have corroborated anecdotal claims, but many of the ‘interviews’ conducted with ‘professionals’ are there for entertainment purposes only.

Again, please review this source of evidence thoroughly. This is a great source to critique about how we know what we know about the past. Specifically, the first sign of a lack of credibility comes from the narrator describing the Bermuda Triangle as the “Underwater Area 51.” Not only is it important that the film corroborates its evidence, but it is more important that you research multiple primary source documents before agreeing with these conclusions.

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Comment on Historical Thinking Questions by mrmorris


Keep in mind that while the ‘past’ is everything that has ever occurred up until this point, while ‘history,’ is a curated narrative that we tell about the past. Think of it like a personal collection, say a collection of stamps. The collector may have a certain type of stamp that they collect, and definitely not every stamp ever created.

With this in mind, we need both primary and secondary sources to make inferences about the past. Primary sources do no work as a de-facto expression of past events. Remember that we must analyze them and corroborate this evidence with other primary sources to gain a better glimpse of history.

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Comment on In Depth Post #4 by aislyn

I’m very proud of myself for not hitting anything, yes! I think that it would be valuable for us to have a discussion at the beginning of our next lesson before I start driving so I can focus on what I want to get across without having my attention on the road. I would also like to be able to have continued discussions as my goals progress, and for this purpose I would like to establish a more casual environment where we are comfortable with discussing my progress and proximity to my goals without a formal setting. This will likely come as I become able to function on the road in a more routine way, when the basic vehicle functions become more comfortable for me and I can maneuver myself in a more routine manner so that I can facilitate a light discussion at the same time.

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