Comment on ZIP DOL #2 by mrmorris


What an excellent and clearly laid out resource! I learned some things from only being on this website for a couple of minutes. I am glad to see that the breadth of your research is expanding — just make sure to keep your question narrow enough that you don’t go off track, or to change your original question to allow yourself more breathing room in your work.

Wonderful research, I look forward to seeing what you have learned.

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Comment on Document of Learning #2 by mrmorris


An inspired demonstration of your learning, as well as an excellent and professionally conducted interview!
It is really amazing to see you reaching out to people online and in the writing community to ask for alternate opinions. The work you are currently doing is unique to you, and will be extremely valuable to your peers.

Keep up the thorough and detailed work — I am looking forward to see how your learning grows in the next several weeks!

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Comment on Zip – Doc of Learning #2 by mrmorris


You have come to a profound understanding about writing — that while there are ‘basics’ that serve as the foundation for a good character, that we often have to experiment on our own to see what works for us and our own writing style.

I look forward to hearing more about your research in the coming weeks.

Well done!

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Comment on Doc of Learning #2 by mrmorris


Well done! It is wonderful to see you acknowledging other areas of importance / interest outside of your initial inquiry question and putting them to the side for further study later. This is the mark of a great researcher: the ability to recognize information that is relevant and irrelevant to their current focus.

Keep up the great work Sarah — I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours!

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Comment on ZIP v3 by mrmorris

It sounds like you are doing some deep thinking about the planning necessary to write an effective slam poem. Well done! Can you please share some of your preliminary notes with the class over your blog so that we can see some of the changes you…

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