Comment on “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. ” – Michael Crichton by Mackenzie

Excellent first blog post Tori! Where did the dogs go though?:(

The first part of your blog post that was very obvious, and I loved, was how you immediately addressed perspective. You seem very interested in how stories compare depending on the author, which I can relate to! I loved the examples you made using the Howard Zinn novel. These include authors such as Las Casas, the Iroquois, Christopher Columbus, and Zinn himself. You also used ethical judgement really well. You recognized that Columbus may have been a tad bit cruel, but didn’t go into detail. Presumably because, different times, different morals. Again that brings me back to the perspectives, between yourself and people from the past. Finally, you did use significance when talking about the government. You know that they are significant, and something that you should have a base level of understanding of. I liked that you were honest, and didn’t pretend that Socials was your absolute favourite subject. You also used significance when comparing certain people in Columbus’ time. You recognized people’s social ranking, and how it made each person different. Great blog post Tori! I can’t wait to read more! Your thoughts on socials, and where you stand with the subject, seem similar to my own.

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Comment on “I saw my enemies in Munich, and they are worms.” – Adolf Hitler by Mackenzie

Awesome blog Melissa! Great examples of some questions you have regarding the political sciences! (Social studies inquiry process) Obviously not for this post, but you may want to write a follow up blog stating some possible findings to these questions… Good job using ethical judgement as well. I like how you recognized specifically what about Columbus that you didn’t like. I agree, checking the sharpness of your blade on another persons skin nowadays, is unheard of, but back then things were a little different. Which brings me to the different perspectives that you used. You clearly stated that what Columbus considered progress, is very different from your own definition. Which again is probably different from most other people. Everyone has their own idea of how the world spins around, and I like that you addressed it. This blog post isn’t quite the same as the rest of your posts will be, so it makes sense that you weren’t formally comparing different time periods or characters. Overall, excellent job using the social studies inquiry process, perspective, and your own ethical judgement:)

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Comment on My Socials Report Card and Other Thoughts by charlotte

Your blog post was interesting, engaging, and in-depth. It was interesting to hear your take on several SS subjects, and your Socials Report card was a great way to see your interest level vs. your skill level! I thought it was very cool how you’re so excited to study every subject- your interest levels were all above B! I loved reading/looking at all the images you inserted. It made your blog even more engaging.
I could not find a single great flaw in your work, though I wish you had listed the questions as your answers would have been easier to follow.
Great job Aislyn!

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