Comment on A Leader Within by Hira

I think the three best qualities a leader should posses are communication, confidence and character – three c’s! Communication is extremely important because nothing can get done without learning what everybody wants and coming to a compromise, as well as a leader should always let the people who they are leading know what’s going on. Confidence is important because a leader should be proud in what they’ve done and what they’re going to do, enthusiasm is contagious! A good leader should also have character. You need to be able to relate to others, show them you are trustworthy and let them have faith in you. Good post Brian!

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Comment on A Leader Within by Julia Nick

Hi! Funny you should mention Terry Fox! I interviewed Donna White, who is the provincial director for the Terry Fox Foundation in BC and the Yukon; also a nonprofit organization.
I believe the three most important traits of a good leader are working with teammates effectively, good communication, and passion. I’m thinking communication both keeping up with your team and establishing connections in the community.
Great post!

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Comment on A Leader Within by Rachael

Great interview Brian! I really like the thesis you drew from your interview and how it ties back to your title, ‘A Leader Within’. There’s another quote about that I think: “You don’t have to be special to change the world.”

The three qualities of the many I think a good leader should possess are: caring, responsible, and passionate about their cause.

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Comment on Pauline Léon: A Letter to Claire by Claire Lacombe

I comepletely agree. Even when the injustice of discriminating women has been high we have not sat by, despite our poor living and unequal rights. We have worked hard, but we have to do more. I know we will not rest, we will not do nothing, while women are still being treated this way. We must do more, and I have an idea. You mentioned that we would be more powerful in a group, and I comepletely agree. We should found a society–a society for revolutionary republican women–and we will show the country that they have made a mistake. Soon they will have no choice but to take us seriously.


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