Comment on Eminent 2015 Intro Post by bryanjack

Hi Chris,

Interesting (and influential) choice! the mystery surrounding Sun Tzu’s existence should prove an interesting canvas on which to paint a picture of an eminent life. I’m curious to hear more about your personal interest in his work or achievements/legacy. What draws you to him as an eminent person? How might you address the challenge of so little being actually known about him, in putting together your project?

Looking forward to seeing your study come together!

Mr. J

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Comment on Suffragette and Proud by aileen

Thanks for the comment!

While there are many other ways, there are 3 that particularly stick out in my mind.

First off, I am often told that while I can (and should) be a nurse, I can’t be a doctor because, due to the stress and the time needed, I won’t have enough to make myself look good “for men” because women need to hold themselves to higher physical standards than men. I would first like to say that I do not exist to look good for anyone; I exist for my own sake. I shouldn’t be forced to hold myself to a higher standard than guys because I am female. In fact, no one should be forced to do anything because of something they can’t control.

Something else I’ve been told a lot, particularly by my elementary school teachers is how I’m good at math. For a girl. While it may seem like a compliment, it actually implies that girls aren’t as good at math as other people, which basically means boys because who cares about non-binary people? (This is totally untrue. Both the subtext that girls aren’t as good at math and how I seem to imply that no one cares about non-binary people.)

Another way in which I feel I have felt sexism is the double standards between me and my brother, set by my parents. While my brother, at my age, was told that he should eat more because he needed to grow, I am told that I need to watch my weight and eat less lest I become *gasp* fat. My brother gets told that he needs to grow taller while I’m told that I should stop growing or I’ll be too tall and no guys will want me. I am expected to get lower grades just because I’m a girl, which apparently makes me less able than my male counterpart. (Once again, totally untrue)

While, of course, I try not to let these comments get to me, they still hurt on some level. I feel like <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>this comic</a> explains why microagressions hurt much better than I can, though.

Sorry I got a little carried away with my reply.

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Comment on Dorothea Lange – More than A Documentary Photographer by Iris Hung

Hi Maeve,

Ms Dorothea is an acquaintance of mine as well, one who taught me a great deal of self integrity and humanity. It was her choices that caught my attention and her unflinching preservation of suffering; in the moment she saw the breadlines and jobless, she realized that the humans she needed to capture on film were not the portrait posers but the ones on the street. Her character too, is memorable – her independence, her determination, and her carrying of her childhood burdens (polio and her father).
I was able to interview her goddaughter for my project, and she was a warm, generous woman who told me things that biographers would never know, such as the fact one of her sons never forgave her for leaving him so often in his childhood. You can go to my talonsiris edublog for more info on how to contact her. My interview searching process was a long one, hopefully yours will be easier with a leg up!
Clearly you’ve got a connection with her that you’re eager to build – remember, eminent person is about more than facts. It’s about character and inspiration and originality, all things I’m sure you’ll learn from her!
Best wishes for a rewarding eminent experience!

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