Comment on embed tests by Kelvin

I just tested them out, they seem to be working (as can be seen by the post above), but the layout of the embed code has changed.
Instead of just copying/pasting code provided by the embed options on various sites, you’ll need to make some changes.

First of all, you’ll need to find something like this: src=””, then copy that into an iFrame shortcode.

For example,

would become this:

[iframe src=""]

It’s basically removing all parameters except for the src tag, and changing the angle brackets to square brackets.

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Comment on Document of Learning: Halfway through SS10 by bryanjack

Hi Vanessa,
Thoroughly excellent midterm synthesis – you’ve captured the depth of your inquiries and contributions in the class’ study of Confederation and our view of Canada clearly with great examples from your documented learning. In presenting your evidence though, my only wish would be that you added more, close-up slides in your navigation to show your various tweets, quotes, and other text in higher relief.
Great stuff, in all! Keep it up.

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Comment on Socials Midterm by bryanjack

An insightful and rich block of text, though it is! Sometimes the best learning our academic subjects can provide is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, Christal. You do a good job of assessing your work this semester and setting goals for yourself in the coming term here – nice work!

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Comment on In-Depth Post 6 by kim

Hey Risa! I completely agree to what you said about how styling hair is way more difficult than it looks! I often see Sarah posting or showing me pictures of you learning to style hair and it looks really impressive so far! Are you going to be branching away from just heat tools as well and try dyeing and cutting hair as well? Also, what kind of braids that you have tried are your favourite?
I hope you are doing free hair-do’s on in-depth night!

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