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Thanks for the gracious reply, Jessica! There definitely is a ‘siege’ mentality in working through one’s undergrad, where your hours are generally fully committed to one’s studies – or at least the good intentions of studying ; ) – and the stresses that come along with a full course load and its reading, papers, and the like. But there is a lot of time for fun during those years, as many people can and will attest looking back; perhaps it is just while we are doing it that it seems stressful, and then afterwards we realize how much fun we were having?

But it can be difficult to maintain the hours we’ve committed to other activities once the university race starts, it’s true. Though if you really want to continue in dance, you might find it easier than you think to maintain – perhaps not all of the hours that you currently do, but – some of your participation throughout university, and beyond. Then again, you might discover all kinds of new opportunities beyond high school that compete for your time in different ways.

It might seem a daunting prospect, but what makes university such a wonderous time is just how much diversity – of ideas, of people, and experiences – you are exposed to in a condensed and intense period of time. There’s a lot that can happen, and does happen during those years; but this is something to be celebrated, I think.

Remember, fear and excitement often show up as the same sensation!

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Personally, I think that the basics of web development and design are all the same, it’s days, and even weeks of experience that make a person a webmaster, in a sense. Though I doubt someone more experienced than me would make obvious, noticeable mistakes, it does happen. In that case, as this is a learning process for both him and I, I think it would be the best thing to point it out up-front.

– Kelvin

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