Comment on The End of Emine…- What?!!!!! by Allison McNeill

Hi Anne, Wow what a great job you did on this project… a labour of love! I loved your learning centre – such a great idea to have the locker and then the video set up… and to have all of Teresa’s accomplishments listed on a half-court – LOVE IT!
Thanks for including me… of course I love to talk hoops and talking about Teresa, well that is just so easy,
You did make a BIG splash – on to the next project!


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Comment on The End of Emine…- What?!!!!! by anney

Thank you Emma!
You did an amazing job presenting on behalf of Lyle in the speeches; though I wasn’t able to see you during the performance, I heard it and heard about it from others, and it was outstanding and everyone was blown away!
Great job on the performance and your learning centre and project too!
I have to check out your posts.

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