Comment on Meet- Bill Gates by ryank

I look forward to hearing more about you and Bill Gates as this project progresses. I think it’s a pretty decent choice for you, and I have to admit, it’s probably going to be a pretty cool eminent project.
My one small problem though (And this is really small) is that your format for putting in the photos bothers me. It’s just a preference but I feel like it would look a little nicer if you formatted them differently, so the words of the previous paragraphs aren’t separated.

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Comment on Eminent Intro Post 2014: Dana Hussein by Timothy

Hey! Very interesting post!
I really like how you started off the blog post; although I’m not a 10, I could really relate to the sudden epiphany in finding a person because that’s kind of what happened to me too. Dana sounds really interesting and the way that she relates to you makes me really think that your project’s going to be really interesting. I like how your post is more concise and to the point.
Overall, it was really interesting and good. Great job!

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Comment on A Brilliant Mad Man: The Story Behind John Forbes Nash, Jr. by Timothy

Hi! Your blog post was really great!

First of all, I would like to compliment your use of photos, they were so perfectly timed and placed, I laughed every time. I liked the sense of humour you had throughout your post, it really made your post stand out even more. Mr. Nash sounds like a really interesting person to research! All your points were on point (see what I did there) and you really covered his life well without going into details about his birth, etc. The way you worked up to why you chose him, and the way you mentioned the person you did last year made the post really stand out, it was really great. I also like how you cited your sources, because I know a lot of people – including myself – didn’t.

Overall, I really liked it, your use of humour and photos were great, and it was really interesting! Great job!
– Tim

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