Comment on Introductions, by Kendra

Hi Ms. Mulder, I never really thought about taking work experience. However, because of my large focus on the nail ART, it may not work out as many salons nearby me do not have someone who specializes. Many of the people I have looked into as mentors are people who work independently, but have more experience in the nail art of things. Unfortunately, I am still on the hunt for a real mentor for in-depth this year and will likely discuss this progress in my next blog post (I may have to push back the “Beautiful Mind” questions for post #3).

Comment on In-Depth Post #1 by phia

Oops, I should mentioned that. His names is Moses, a grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary school. I found him through my older brother, because they know each other at school. My brother recommended him to me because he’s well known for being a passionate baker with lots of experience, so I got in contact with him, and my my relief, he was willing to take the position. We’ll likely meet at my house for sessions.