Comment on The Battle of Baltimore by aradu

Hello Mr. Morris!
Thank you for the comment! I wasn’t expecting to do to well on the assignment, as I usually panic when voice recording, and stumbled over myself quite a few times. Feel free to share my assignment if you feel it is a good enough example!

Comment on The Liberation of Europe & Canada – DOL by mrmorris

A well developed response that outlines Canada’s growing perception as a liberator and peacekeeper globally. Many people attribute Canada’s popularity amongst European powers to their liberation of Europe, which in turn extends to the hospitality that Canadians often receive when travelling abroad. I really appreciate the details here about the consequences to the Netherlands as a whole. My grandfather was caught in the turmoil during this time and has some difficult stories about forging for food after the Nazi occupation. Keep inquiring deeply about the past.

Comment on Independent Investigation #2 by mrmorris

A well crafted and engaging narrative that shows a deep ability to use your research to consider the perspectives of marginalized voices during the War of 1812. I really appreciate your ability to consider both sides in these entries, bringing to light that slavery did not simply end in Canada, but was present in its own manner well into the 18th century. Additionally, your indirect discussion of the important of source evidence, and how the historical narrative is often built only from the evidence that is left behind, demonstrates the perspective of an emerging student of the Humanities. Well done!

Comment on Independant Investigation #2 by mrmorris

A very creative and engaging discussion of continuity and change between the 18th century and now. I especially admire your ability to make deep connections between the conflicts experienced by often unheard voices. One thing that I take away from this piece is that while the events and experiences behind these relocations often differ vastly, that there are common struggles that refugees face (fitting in, learning a new language, becoming comfortable in new surroundings, missing their families) that seem constant. Keep pushing yourself to inquire deeply and make insightful connections like the ones you have come to here. Well done!

Comment on Independent Invesigation by mrmorris

An interesting look at the tactics used on both sides of the War of 1812. You mention that a study of these tactics helps to elucidate the battle as a whole — how did these tactics helps to form Canadian identity, or lead to improvements in Canadian conflicts in the future (cause and consequence), what has stayed the same in Canadian tactics since the War of 1812 and what has changed (continuity and change), and what solid primary and secondary source evidence can you provide to answer these questions? Focus on delving deep into your research, using Wikipedia as a starting point.

Comment on INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION #2 by mrmorris

A well composed and researched independent investigation. Keep the findings of this work in mind for Social in grade 10, when we will focus in on Canadian identity, and what it means to be a Canadian in contemporary society. As we cannot always be sure that the creators of online sources have done there own research, it is important to avoid Prezi presentations as a legitimate source of secondary evidence. Solid work.

Comment on Independent Investigation 2 by mrmorris

A concise and well researched independent investigation! I agree that the War of 1812 helped to pave the way for the desire amongst Canadians for a unified national identity (which may be why we are looking at confederation as a class directly after this). You make some very clear connections here, showing an ability to consider continuity and change not just between 1812 and 1867, but but also with topical events in the news today. Keep up the deep research and question asking — an excellent final independent investigation of the year.

Comment on The Battle of Baltimore by mrmorris

Wow! A very thorough and comprehensive discussion of how several significant battles helped to turn the tide in the War of 1812. Your clarity and use of maps is professional and shows a deep understanding of your research. May I use this video as an example in the future? Thank you for making connections to historical perspectives in discussion how this battle helped shape the American National Anthem — bravo!

Comment on The War of 1812: A Sailor’s Reprisal by mrmorris

An engaging narrative tale of what life might have been like for those aboard English naval ships. I really admire the hard work you put into this piece: from the concision of your language, to the synthesis of your research. I think you very successfully answered your independent investigation question by ‘showing,’ rather than ‘telling.’ Keep pushing yourself to take risks with your creative writing — well done!