Comment on Chemistry 11 Independent Project – Gas Station Visit by brian

Thank you Ms. Mulder! I think the gas station I visited was pretty well prepared, as the manager as well as the employees were all trained in keeping the gas station safe. The safety rules as well as the regular inspection makes the gas station very safe.

I was surprised that the gas station was so well maintained as I always pictured them as old and with not many workers there. However, after my visit, i have a much better understanding of how things are done there and how important it is to have everything functional.

Comment on Chemistry 11 Independent Project – Gas Station Visit by Mulder

Thank you for this very informative, detailed and well researched project. I learned quite a bit as well. What surprised you the most during this project? Do you feel the gas station are as well prepared as they should? Explain.

Thanks again, Brian for your persistence in seeing this project to completion. You had to go through a lot of steps to even get to a gas station. Your team prevailed and got it done.


Comment on Independent Chemistry 11 Project by maximilian

An application for me would be that I help my mom paint quite often and it is much more interesting knowing the details of how it works rather than just knowing it does. Also, the world is rapidly working on fighting pollution and climate change and knowing more about one of the leading causes of ozone deterioration is interesting and could be useful in future fields of research. The most surprising part would be how complicated something so seemingly simple is once you look further into it.